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Daddy's Arms

Author: Fabian e. Ferguson

Binding: Hardcover

Number Of Pages: 28

Release Date: 31-08-2018

Details: Product Description A "Daddy Time" Story Told Like Never Before"Daddy's Arms'' is a fun children's book that tells the story of a little boy's adorable and amusing everyday interactions with his dad. Whether it s playtime, bathtime, or bedtime, this wildly imaginative child has his dad s arms take center stage for every fantastic new adventure. This book celebrates the bond between father and child as well as the joy of fatherhood. Parents and guardians will certainly enjoy reading Daddy s Arms to kids, just as much as kids will enjoy listening to them. This Book Is Great For Dads who want their children to know how much they love them Guardians who want kids to feel their dad s love and presence Mothers who want their child to develop a bond with dad  Grandparents who want their grandkids to feel connected to their fatherWhy Your Kids Will Love Daddy s Arms Stimulates ImaginationFrom the adventurous storytelling to the stunning illustrations, the book will encourage their minds to be more creative.Makes Bonding More EnjoyableReading aloud not only teaches children to fall in love with words. It also strengthens their bonding time with parents, which leads to a happier relationship. Review Reviewed By Kristy Vee for Readers' Favorite "Daddy's Arms by Fabian E. Ferguson is a children's rhyming book about the loving bond between a young boy and his doting, playful father. The story is written from the perspective of the child whose imagination runs wild with fantasy during father/son time. Whether it's playtime, bath time, or bedtime, each moment the two spend together becomes a new, colorful, exciting adventure. No matter where he's at -- pretend climbing a mountain, in an airplane, elevator, or hurling through space -- one thing is for sure, there's no safer place than his favorite daddy's arms. Daddy's Arms is such an adorably sweet story about the bond between father and son that it simply melts your heart and brings a smile to your face. The safety and coziness of a father's embrace is so special, and Fabian E. Ferguson does an excellent job at capturing and expressing those feelings straight from the heart of a child. I love to see books out there devoted to the importance of the relationship between father and son, as there seems to be a shortage of positive books celebrating fatherhood. It's great how the author intertwined their activities with the fantasy aspect, reminding us that if children are given the safety of a parent's loving presence, their imaginations are free to roam. The illustrations are colorful and detailed, and the rhyming adds an extra bit of fun to a well thought out, lovely book that's sure to be a hit with children and parents alike. Well deserving of five stars! --Kristy Vee for Readers' FavoriteA little boy finds comfort in his father’s strength and unconditional love inFerguson’s picture book. This work’s charming, colorful illustrations depict a Black father and his son, who appears to be not much older than a toddler. Readers see the man’s arms but not his face, as the young boy relates what it’s like when his dad picks him up out of bed, plays with him, settles him for a nap, and soothes away nighttime fears with a cuddle. As his father lifts him, swings him, holds him overhead, tucks him to his side like a football, and wraps him in a warm towel at bath time, the boy imagines the strong, gentle arms as mountains, tree branches, an elevator, a bear’s “big fuzzy paws,” and more. Overall, this story effectively underscores the power of a dad’s loving presence in his child’s life (“Yay!!! My daddy’s arms, my most favorite place to be. Every second in them is an adventure for me”). The illustrated scenes capture a relationship that’s as tender as it is playful, leading to the book’s moving conclusion, when the youngster calls his father’s arms “the safest place I can be.” A sweet, uplifting celebration of fatherhood and a child’s imagination. --Kirkus Reviews About

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Languages: English

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